Courthouse Collection

The Courthouse Collection $575.00

We do lots of Courthouse weddings. We love them, and created this collection specific to your simple and stylish needs.

The Courthouse collection can be as simple as photographer only. When that’s the case, we have found an hour and a half coverage works perfectly. Starting in the hall of records where you will sign your paperwork, (required even if you have filled out on their website link) After you sign the paperwork, your personal photographer will follow you out to one of the beautiful locations for your 5 minute ceremony given by a Courthouse employee. After photographing the ceremony, the photographer will take you around the grounds indoors, and outdoors. Capturing romantic, fun, beautiful images of the two of you amongst lush gardens, iron work, tile, and architecture.

Add a lovely bouquet and boutonniere starting at $300.

Photographer will also be your witness and sign your certificate. (Courthouse charges an additional fee of $51.00 if you are without one)

 Pricing is for Monday through Thursday. Please call for weekend availability and pricing. 805-563-5050.